SungateKids SafeKids (SK²)

sungate-kids_safekids_sk2After serving child victims of abuse and their families for almost 20 years, SungateKids has developed SungateKids, SafeKids (SK2), a multi-faceted child abuse prevention program for elementary-aged students, in hopes of reaching children and empowering them to understand the dynamics of abuse and stop it before it starts.

SK2 is a school-based/organization-based child abuse prevention program designed for elementary-aged students. The program also includes mandatory teacher/staff training and optional parent training components that can be tailored to the needs of the school/organization community.

The cornerstone of the SK2 program is our 45-minute interactive puppet program.

Topics covered in the child physical abuse program include:

What is abuse?
Spanking vs. abuse
Identifying safe people to talk to
Keep telling until someone listens
What happens once you tell?

Topics covered in the sexual abuse component include:

Abusers can be anyone
Recognizing/listening to the “uh-oh” feeling
Private places and private parts
Children are not to blame
Understanding “grooming” techniques
Saying “no”

For more information on the SK2 program, please complete the form below to contact Erin Katz, SungateKids Forensic Program and Training Coordinator.
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Downloadable Resources

SK2 Post Program Educator Resources
Download here

SK2 Parent Training Info
Download here

SK2 Kids and Their Stories
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